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Cassidy Freeman Interview with Newsarama

One of my favorite scenes in Rabid was the one where Clark and Lois go to check on Tess in the hospital. I loved how Clark showed such compassion for Tess, even though she has proved to be dangerous, unpredictable, and a potential threat to him personally. That's my Superman! I was also totally impressed with how Cassidy Freeman threw herself into playing Tess as a zombie. Yikes! So I was very happy to see an interview pop up in my Google Alerts this morning where she talks to Newsarama about filming that scene.

Screen caps courtesy of Home of the Nutty.

CF's quote about Tom:

Newsarama: Smallville fans are loyal. They love the show. In fact, they wanted me to ask you about the zombie makeup you had to wear a few episodes ago.

Freeman: I have to say, I did that scene with Lois and Clark in the hospital, and we did the first take, and I had to be all zombi-rific...I really just had to decide to go for it. There is really no half way to do a zombie. And you kind of pull from your knowledge of all the zombie movies and whatnot. And I did the first take and after Jordan Hawley yelled, 'cut' Tom looked at me and said, 'I don't want to do this scene anymore!' He was really scared. [laughs] He's a wuss.

Can't you just see Tom saying that? LOL! These two seem to have so much fun on set, and I've missed the great chemistry between Clark and Tess this season. Here's hoping they have lots more scenes together soon!

You can read the full interview HERE. Spoilers for the next few episodes.
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