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A Christian TV Review of Smallville?

A "Christian TV Review" of Smallville's Savior popped up in my Google Alerts this morning, and after reading it, I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Check it out:

Smallville is a dangerous new soap opera for children that tells the story of Jewish-created comic book character, Superman, during his formative teenage years.

As our detailed researched proved months ago, the secret origins of all comics stems from latent cult cells worldwide whose sole purpose is to sneak dangerous media into the lives of our children. The newest medium they use to bring disease and death to the masses is comics. They try to use the word comic to make it look friendly, but mark my words, there is nothing comical about burning in hell for all time!

This episode of Superman was consistent with the standard comics agenda of being anti-America and therefore anti-morality and freedom. The name of the episode is “Savior”, with a capital S, and not once is our Holy Savior mentioned. That’s because Superman is Jewish.

Superman parades around as his normal self, Clark Kent, in this show and “saves” the lives of others by pommeling his enemies with incredible strength, searing their flesh with his fire eyes and sometimes even uses hand weapons to first bludgeon his adversaries to death, like much in this sick episode.

Children who tuned into the season premiere were treated to character Lois Lane magically teleporting in from the future, along with some other girl who wanted to kill her. They had a bloody catfight on a train and it went off rail, only to be caught by Superjewish Clark Kent.

To think a man can somehow capture a train is as preposterous as believing an alien savior could somehow fly to Earth on a ship and then be everyone’s protector.

If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, in this episode a bunch of other people from Superman’s “home planet” somehow magically appeared on Earth. The leader of them all is General Zod, who loves to yell “Kneel before Zod!” This is clearly meant to disrespect America’s faith by implying Zod thinks of himself as some sort of god.

Much of the episode was rather boring with soap opera talking and people lusting after one another without shame, but the sickest part of this episode occurred when Clark had a fight with the girl who tried to kill Lois Lane.

Clark Kent, the “savior”, took it upon himself to fight her with barn equipment — hacksaws, hoes, poking sticks and rakes — and then finally threw a large suspended motor into her torso. She died a slow, painful death and then Clark secretly buried her body.

This is a children’s show! How sick that they try to make such a sick act look like something a real hero would do. Could you imagine a brave firefighter from the NYPD who saved countless lives on 9/11 do such a thing? I don’t think so. And those men are real heroes, not this fake Jewish superevolution alien.

Parents, Smallville is a dangerous show about fornication, Jewish aliens and hiding murder evidence. If your children watch this every week they will just grow up to be social miscreants or far worse. Ban it from your home and for that matter, everything on the CW. That television station is sinister! Warning: The following video media contains offensive material. Please first pray and then have any women/children leave the room before reviewing.

Moral Rating: S (Sinister) for …
Cussing, lewdness, fitted leather, time travel, fake abilities, promotes spying/wiretaps, disrespects women, aliens, evolution propaganda, fake saviors, violence, comics


I know there are Christians on my flist who watch Smallville, but I've never seen them say anything like this. Yikes.
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