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The Vampire Diaries 1.04 - You're Undead to Me

You guys already know a week late has become my thing, right? *sigh*

Screen cap courtesy of Home of the Nutty.

This week's episode took my breath away. So much happened! Every minute was full of unexpected plot developments, stunning reveals, and heart-stopping action. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and I loved it! The pace of this show is so fast, and yet it still manages to leave me desperate for more. Is it Thursday yet? Oh, yeah, it IS! \o/

Damon spent most of this episode languishing at home, locked in a basement cell. Deprived of blood, he weakened, and yet I've never been more impressed with his power. He lay in wait, harnessed his remaining strength, found his moment, and then struck. By sheer force of will, he called Caroline to him, and she let him out. There was never any doubt that he would escape; the only question was when, and whose life he would take in the process. Poor Zach. And now Damon is out, flush with new blood, and presumably mad as hell. Is that dread I feel? Why no, it feels more like... delight! *bounces* Let the games begin!

Stefan is trying so hard to control the world around him, but it seems an insurmountable task. Everywhere he turned this week he hit an obstacle. Damon refused to just fade away. Elena's questions multiplied, and his lack of answers drove a wedge between them. It was fascinating to see the contrast between the sweet, romantic boy who adores Elena, and the cold, hard man who dispassionately condemned his brother. Stefan has depths that just might surprise us. He went through the motions of a normal life, going to class, washing cars at the school fundraiser, even cooking dinner for his girlfriend, but he's dreaming if he thinks he can deny who, or what, he is. As was brought so painfully home to him in the last seconds of the episode, when he found Elena on his doorstep, demanding to know, "What are you?!"

Elena is my hero. She is miles away from being the weepy ingenue or the damsel in distress. She is smart, straightforward, and a force to be reckoned with. I loved how relentless she was in this episode, refusing to let Stefan brush off her questions, searching out the answers on her own, and then, when confronted with a conclusion that would make most of us want to crawl under the covers and cry, going instead to have it out with Stefan, to hear him confirm the impossible to her face. The scene where Elena put it all together, where all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, was perfect. We saw it all through her eyes: flashbacks to the little things that suddenly took on a whole new meaning, and the clues that finally made sense, and then Elena looking back at herself, staring into the mirror in disbelief as the unavoidable truth shattered her world. I never expected her to uncover the secret so soon, and I can't wait to see where we go from here!

Jeremy actually redeemed himself a little with me this week. I liked the concern he showed for Elena, and the way he wanted to back away from the druggie world. I guess he does have a decent side. Vicki, on the other hand, portrayed all the character flaws that get you killed in horror movies, so I was neither surprised nor sorry when she ended up being the feast after Damon's famine. My lack of sympathy didn't stop me from yelling, "Run away!" at my TV screen, though. ;) Seriously, even if she was both stoned and drunk, what was she thinking? The feeding itself was horrible, violent and noisy, and yet I couldn't look away. The way Damon stopped, and savored, and then fed anew? *shivers* His pleasure seemed almost sexual, and very disturbing. Is Vicki dead now? I can't imagine she could survive such a prolonged feeding, but I did have the unsettling thought that she could end up worse than dead, if you know what I mean.

Bonnie's powers manifested in a big way, and proved to be more than she knew how to handle. Did you notice she was holding a broom at the time? hee! And Stefan witnessed it, which gives them an interesting bond. As her gifts became more scary than fun, Bonnie sought out her Grams, who was played by the awesome Jasmine Guy. Although there is no way she is old enough to be the grandmother of a teenager in RL (she's only 47), we'll just assume witches look very young for their age and be thankful she's on the show. :) And Caroline broke my heart. She may have jumped into Damon's bed, but she is the innocent victim of the havoc he has wreaked, her life a jumble of confusion, wistfulness, longing and terror. She's my girl now, and I am so glad she found the strength and spirit to save herself when Damon escaped.

Random thoughts: Jenna is a terrible pseudo-parent! Elena imitating Stefan was kind of hilarious. :) Seeing Damon appear in front of Caroline freaked me the hell out. I was a little shocked that they actually showed kids toking up onscreen. Damon making a desperate meal of his crow was creepy, but a cool twist. I'm dying to know what that crystal can do. Was that a pentacle it projected? I love this show's gift for ZOMG endings! And even if you're not watching the show, you should be downloading the music. The songs add so much to the episodes, but they're also just great listening. Best playlist ever.

It's really too bad that it took the popularity of Twilight to get this show made, and that people will write it off as a Twilight wannabe without ever seeing it. The Vampire Diaries tells a compelling story that goes far beyond the high school romance at its center, with complex, fascinating characters, played by gifted actors with a true passion for this project. Not to mention the pretty. :) Now that the secret is out, I have no idea what to expect next, but I already trust my show enough to know it will be captivating, surprising, and fun. Bring it on!
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