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Brian Austin Green on SHoE Podcast

I just finished listening to the SHoE podcast for Smallville 9.02 - Metallo, with special guest co-host Brian Austin Green, and it is one of the best episodes of SHoE I have ever heard! It's almost two hours of discussion, about the episode and a wide range of other topics, and it is fascinating, insightful, and funny. BAG offers a wealth of BTS info about the making of the episode, expresses his appreciation for the Smallville cast and crew, and talks at length about his character and how he approached his performance. He also talks about his acting career, his views on fandom, and his recent appearance on SNL. He's open, honest, and completely down-to-earth. Smallville fans should definitely check it out!

You can download the podcast at the Starkville House of El Podcast web site, or it's available for free on iTunes (look for episode #130).

I've transcribed a few of my favorite BAG quotes below. I'm not including what he said about himself, because I really want everyone to go and listen to the whole podcast, but here are a few choice thoughts and observations he shared about others. I found what he had to say about Tom especially interesting.

Some people do enjoy coming on the sites just to tear into other people, and just to kind of rip apart a group of people that have this common bond of loving something, and I feel like if you didn't like the episode, or you don't like the show, just don't watch the show. Go watch a show that you like.

I worked with Erica in pretty much every scene that I had, and she is, aside from being just a really phenomenal, focused actress, she's really one of the sweetest people I've ever worked with. She was on set every day, on time, knew what she wanted to do, and she showed up there to do her job and to perform and to do the absolute best with everything that she could. She couldn't have been more welcoming and supportive of me, and just sweet toward everyone in general.

It was really impressive. I mean, again, I was seriously on set thinking, I wasn't expecting to come and do Smallville, and have it be on such a grand scale. You know? I didn't know. I mean, I know that just with a network like the CW alone, that they're much more limited than say, Sarah Connor was, in what can be spent, and the time that can be taken to shoot stuff. You know, Tom Welling and I were talking one time, and he was saying that he's really proud of the fact that, like, these little movies are made every week, and that they get as much in for so little money as they do. And I agree. It was really impressive.

[Tom] runs the set. I mean, he's very, he's an intelligent guy, and he doesn't rule with an iron fist, but I mean, he's there, watching the monitor, and making sure that stuff is working and making sense. He definitely plays a big part, from what I could tell, in what's sort of being done now, and I think he had a big hand in sort of the change of the season, and the feeling of it all, and really working at bringing it back to something that people apparently wanted. Something different.

You know, when I was shooting, it was right before Comic-Con... I had been in Vancouver, and was shooting, and I was talking to [Tom] about it, and he was like, 'Yeah, you know, I think I might go,' and I was like, 'Dude, you should absolutely go. You have no idea what you're missing. It would mean so much to the fans for you to be out there, for them to see you, and for you to really see who you're making the show for...' And he was kind of excited, but he's, he is really private, I mean, he's just kind of got sort of his own thing going, and it's not for lack of connection with the fans, he's kind of in his own space, and he's very focused on what he's doing. And then I went back to shoot after Comic-Con, and he came up to me, and he was like, 'Man, you were so right.' He said, 'I wish I would have gone a long time ago.' Because it was so nice to get with everybody, and meet them all, and see how excited people really are about it.

No, I've actually never seen one episode of [Smallville], including the ones that I did. I don't watch any television. I don't. And it's not by choice, it's really just, you know, for me to keep up with the schedule of the show and catch all the episodes, I just can't do it... I would have to say that my favorite episode of Smallville was anything shirtless with Tom Welling.

You know what I have to say, too, and I didn't say this before when you were talking about that last scene [between Metallo and Clark], Tom Welling was so helpful, just as an actor, in those moments, in the whole fight, the whole standoff, everything, was really there, was really great, and connected, and they didn't even keep it, but I mean, just his, at the point when I peel back that lead, and the heart is gone, and I'm powering down, he was so sympathetic in how he chose to play Clark, and it was really, I think he's a really talented guy, and he's a great guy on set, and was just extremely helpful.

In other news, congratulations to Tom on the formation of his production company, Tom Welling Productions, as mentioned HERE. What exciting news! Way to go, Tom! And I love that he didn't go with some cutesy name for his company. That's our Tom, classy and classic, all the way. :)
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