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Smallville 9x02 - Metallo - I worship at the television altar — LiveJournal
Smallville 9x02 - Metallo
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duskwillow From: duskwillow Date: October 8th, 2009 12:37 am (UTC) (Link)


Fantastic review!
I just kept nodding along. :D

It was just one of several crises that could have been avoided if Clark had been where he belongs at the Daily Planet, and I loved all the little ways the show kept reminding us of that.

So glad someone else mentioned this! I think it's quite neat how they established that in this episode.

After reflecting on everything that had happened since he decided to walk away from his former life, including the bitter accusations John Corben hurled at him, Clark concluded that he had taken the easy way out.

I don't think it was necessary easy as much as wrong for Clark. Jor-El, or the way FoS AI is programmed is trying to train Clark as a Kryptonian. But after being raised by the Kents there's more to Clark than just his kryptonian heritage, he's also human. He has our morals, and he can't lock his emotions away, which is why when Lois came back he realized he's lonely and started calling her.
If anything, I think leaving everything and everyone he loves behind (his family, friends, job, his whole life), just so he could train and become better at his savior job (so things like Jimmy ending up dead probably wouldn't happen again?) was harder on him. I'm so happy he realized he can't just ignore that part of himself, the human upbringing, because that's as much a part of him as his alien DNA. Yay for our boy man standing up to Jor-El and deciding what is best for him.

I'll join you in drawing sparkly hearts around that last Clois scene. ♥

Lois can worship her larger-than-life hero all she wants, but for Clark's sake, I hope she saves her heart for the man. He deserves nothing less.

I'd like to see her love both actually. I think it would establish why she is the one for him, because she would fall for whole of him, both sides. Every other person who learned his secret found out after they already knew Clark. But to have someone accept him so fully without knowing that it's one of their friends/someone they already love, that shows complete acceptance. They just need to establish she would never treat The Blur differently, or Clark differently after finding out the truth. Lana couldn't handle it, Chloe couldn't, Pete couldn't - it was too much for them in some way, or they started seeing Clark differently. They need to establish Lois as the only one, next to The Kents, who loves, accepts and trusts Clark so completely, that she'll be able to be his partner in every way.

That is also why I don't mind Lois being so smitten with The Blur. We already know she has a thing for guys "who want to save the world". But now that The Blur is calling her "just to chat", who knows what they're talking about. She knows she's the only one he calls, and confides in, and feels comfortable enough to turn to when he's lonely. Can't blame her for sensing the connection between them.
But I also do prefer Lois and Clark scenes, there's just more history and emotions there. And bickering! My favourite part. :D
duskwillow From: duskwillow Date: October 8th, 2009 12:38 am (UTC) (Link)


Why would they be behind the experimental procedure performed on Corben? Were they seriously contemplating replacing their own hearts with kryptonite, and swapping out various body parts for bionic components, just to get a taste of the powers they expected to have? That seems crazy to me.

Not really. They're all soldiers, and in unknown territory, they'd want to be armed as much as possible. So if they lost their powers, they might as well go for the next best thing, and try to recreate them.

In Emil Hamilton, Alessandro Juliani has created a character who has become an instant favorite of mine.

Yes, yes, yes. He's so good.

According to Google, the phone number in Clark and Lois's booth belongs to a furniture store in Denver.

Mwah! You googled it?! I think I love you!! \o/

With all the many Lois scenes in these past two episodes, I was disappointed one of them wasn't devoted to Lois's reaction to the news of Jimmy's death.

That has been my only letdown this season. :(

This week Clark learned that not only was it emotionally difficult to leave his old life behind, but also that he was incomplete without it. By the end of the episode he realized that Clark Kent isn't dead, but rather that he is the heart of the hero he is fighting to become. When he once again joined Lois at the Daily Planet, quite literally bringing the sunshine back into Smallville, I knew that he had finally decided to listen to one voice above all others: his own. Whatever else lies ahead on the path to his destiny, whatever obstacles are put in his way, that's the voice that will guide him home.

I have so much love for this paragraph!! ♥♥♥

Second and last two caps! *swoons*
Oh show, why so amazingly pretty?
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