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Cassidy Freeman Interview

Over the weekend I listened to a Comic News Insider podcast interview with Cassidy Freeman that was posted last Friday, and she said a few things I thought were interesting.

I'm actually really addicted to that new TV show called Glee. Because it's totally who I was in high school! And I was like, man, this is so cool!

I love this! She talks a bit about her high school performances, and also about the band she's in with her brother, Clark.

The beginning of the season is very Clark and Lois heavy, which is really fun.

She says this a couple of times, and it makes me wonder, is she only talking about the first half of the season because that's all she knows about, or does she mean things will change direction in the second half? I certainly don't need or want Smallville to be all Clois, all the time, but when they veered away from that last year, the season kind of derailed, IMO, and never completely recovered, so this makes me a little nervous.

I feel bad for Justin. Justin's like the equivalent of what most women are on shows. They're like, "Justin, why wouldn't you do this scene shirtless?" And he's like, "Really?"

LOL! And she imitates Justin perfectly, just as she did on the Identity commentary. She also tells a really cute story about a prank Justin played on her when they were filming the pilot they did together before Smallville.

You know, Tom is a producer now, so he gets things way before anybody else, but we don't get scripts until three days before we shoot.

I think it's interesting that she confirms Tom knows things before any of the other actors (which I suspect was happening, albeit to a lesser degree, even before he officially became a producer), and that they're basically still kept in the dark. Are they at least told what the overall story arcs will be, and how they will culminate? Because if not, the fans should take whatever the actors say in interviews about future developments with a grain of salt. Anything past the episode they're currently filming (which was 9x08 at the time this interview was recorded) could be pure speculation on their part.

Like all interviews with Cassidy, this one is a delightful listen. I adore her. You can check it out HERE, or download it for free on iTunes HERE (look for episode 223).
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