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Supernatural 3.07 - Fresh Blood

This was the kind of episode that makes me sorry I watch Supernatural alone. Jared Padalecki's acting was so amazing tonight that I kept looking around my living room for someone with whom to share my wonder and joy. The scene where Sam finally breaks through to Dean just killed me. When he said, "I just, I wish you would drop the show and be my brother again, cuz... Just cuz," he found the words that made Dean stop deflecting, stop joking, and stop denying the enormity of what lies ahead. And then Sam's eyes filled with tears, and I'm gone, weeping for these heroic, beautiful boys. Oh, show, I love you so!

Jensen was also brilliant in this episode, portraying in turn Dean's recklessness in the face of his impending death sentence, his ruthlessness as a hunter, his deadly anger towards Bela, his vulnerability when Sammy's heartbreaking plea tore down his defenses, and finally, his deep and abiding love for his brother. That final scene with the Impala was so bittersweet. Come on, Dean, you're halfway there, now fight for your life!

On the one hand I delight in the fact that this show is small and special and unspoiled, filmed in Canada and unsullied by the shallow trappings of Los Angeles. On the other hand, however, I'm outraged that it isn't being watched by 20 million people every week and winning Emmys hand over fist. This episode was as close to perfection as a television show can get, in my opinion, and was a showcase for everything that makes this show so phenomenal: passionate acting from two of the most talented young men in the profession, inspired storytelling, beautiful writing, masterful direction, amazing visual effects, stunning art direction, great music, and a wonderful attention to detail in everything else that makes up the fabric of this show. They don't know what they're missing. *sigh*

So we had a double big bad this week. Gordon was scary enough to begin with, but make him a vampire and everything is suddenly exponentially worse. How fascinating to infect the hunter so that he becomes the prey he despises! Nice twist. Creepy sidekick Kubrick just ups the ante. I was seriously scared for Sammy this week, although my anxiety was clearly misplaced. Who knew you could decapitate someone that way? I was relieved the boys have two fewer pursuers to avoid, but ewww. Between Gordon ripping the heads off vampires and impaling Kubrick with his bare hands, and Sam popping Gordon's head off with a bundle of wire, I was on gore overload.

I may be in a minority of one, but I think I'm in love with Bela! I adore how she's so consistently mercenary, and I love her brazen attitude and snarky wit. I laughed so hard when Gordon told her, "Sam Winchester's the Antichrist," and her response was, "You off your meds?" She was so refreshingly honest and unapologetic about her betrayal of the boys, too. hee! And she's smart! Good move, placating Dean with info on Gordon's location. You just might live to see another episode! :)

Hey, it's Mercedes McNab! Hi, Harmony! It's fun to see her, and to hear that distinctive voice again, but her face looks so different from when she was on Buffy and Angel. Has she had plastic surgery or something?

Totally random: What was with all the mattresses in the motel room? I've never seen them do that before.

In conclusion, Sera Gamble and Kim Manners, separately and especially together, own my soul. I hope this writers' strike can be resolved soon, and that we can have some semblance of a full season, because this show just gets better with each and every episode, and I want more, please.
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