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Heroes 2.08 - Four Months Ago

I was happy to see this episode, and I thought it was kind of neat the way they waited this long to show it. Enough time has passed that we've all worked on our theories and conjectures about what happened, and now we get to see how close we were. But although this episode answered some questions, it raised a bunch of other ones. Here we go, hero by hero. Help me out if you can! :)

Peter - We finally know how he ended up in that container, and why he didn't have a shirt on! This was a good story, with lots of new information. I'm so glad we got back to the relationship between Peter and Nathan. But will they be on opposite sides now? Nathan's kind of been hanging with the Company lately. Will Peter survive the crushing guilt everyone keeps heaping on him?

Nathan - I could never figure out why he kept seeing that burnt up face in the mirror, now we know. Does Nathan know how he was healed? Does he know Peter was involved? How did he know to go to the pub in Ireland at the end? Could he have looked any hotter when he turned away from the window in the hospital room? :)

Mama Petrelli - So is her power the same as Eden's from Season 1, the power of suggestion?

Adam - David Anders is awesome! I think I could watch just him for the whole hour. I can't wait to see him in a scene with Zachary Quinto! So Adam is the big bad, right? He's definitely against the Company. Is he also against the Heroes, or does he just want to use them as the means to an end? What, exactly, is his ultimate goal? He's obviously got a mega-grudge against Hiro, so how will that play out, and which way will Peter go when that confrontation finally happens?

Niki - I don't think I like her at all any more, and I think Micah's better off with Monica. D.L.'s death was completely senseless, and it made me mad. I think she's just too damaged.

The Meh Twins - Sylar, could you pleeease kill these two now? I'm beginning to hate them, and I could not be more bored by their story. If I never hear Maya's hoarse wailing again, I will be sooo happy.

Sylar - We see him for all of what? Ten seconds? Grrr! I'm getting fed up, show!

Elle - She was interesting, and I love Kristen Bell. I guess Elle is like the anti-Claire, gone completely wacko because she was raised in an institution instead of in the loving home the HRG provided. She is a serious nut job, and kind of kinky to boot! Creepy. Is Bob her father? I kind of think not. But who is?

No HRG, Claire, Hiro, Ando, Matt, or Molly. Monica for a millisecond. Mohinder in voice over only. Am I forgetting anyone? No, I didn't forget West. I didn't include him on purpose, the creepazoid.

I know that whatever I can't figure out will yet be revealed, all in due time. In the meantime, I'll just try to keep up with what they're willing to tell us now!
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