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Smallville S9 spoiler clip on iTunes!

Remember that Smallville S9 spoiler Suzanne Gomez spilled on Twitter the other night? Well, now you can SEE it, in a sneak peek clip available for free on iTunes!

If you're outside the U.S. and your iTunes doesn't have the clip, here's a transcript to hold you over until it shows up on YouTube:

Scene opens with Lois walking through a mangled Sky Train car, talking on her cell phone.

Lois: Oliver, I don't know where you've disappeared to, but I'm already low on one superhero today, Chloe thinks I'm crazy, and I'm low on clues as to why some she-ninja is after me. Call me.

Lois picks up a scrap of black cloth, and is studying it intently when a voice comes from behind her.

John: Good find?

Lois turns around to see John Corben, who she assumes is a police detective, framed in the doorway at the end of the car.

Lois: Look, on a scale of one to ten of illegal things I've done in my life, this doesn't even hit the radar. Okay, that didn't exactly come out right. All I'm saying is you and your big boys in blue have bigger fish to fry than this little guppy, so I'm just gonna-

John blocks her exit.

John: How about a name?

Lois: Lois Lane. Daily Planet.

John: You're the reporter that's been missing for three weeks?

Lois: Missing? What the hell are you talking about? What day is it?

John: It's Friday. The 25th?

Lois: What?

Disbelieving, she grabs a copy of the Daily Planet from the wreckage and checks the date.

Lois: Where the hell have I been for three weeks?

John: [chuckles] I was kind of hoping you'd tell me. You were MIA until your name came up on the list of crash victims. Now, do you remember anything last night that would explain how a 7-ton Sky Train belly flops onto Main Street without a single fatality?

Lois: Guess we just need to chalk it up to a modern day miracle.

John looks past Lois to a Superman shield burned into the window of the train car.

John: We could, or we could chalk it up to a vigilante. On an ego trip.

Lois: Oh, is that what we call courage these days?

John: The infamous Blur. You know, the ends don't always justify the means.

Lois: You might want to stick to your night job, detective. Graffiti's not exactly the Red Blue Blur's style.

John: You know, you're right. Never used to be, back when the guy was happy pulling off a few modest saves, but then suddenly there was no red, or blue, it was just the Blur. Now he feels the need to leave his mark. All over the city, to, I don't know, prove something?

A police dispatcher's voice crackles over a radio. Lois turns at the sound.

Lois: Right, the rest of your posse to interrogate me-

John grabs her and kisses her, for a good five seconds. A cop in uniform interrupts.

Cop: Hey! You two want membership in the mile long club, you might want to try one that's still on the tracks. Get outta here.

Lois: Okay, Officer.

John: Not bad.

Lois smiles sweetly, and then stomps on John's foot with her heel, as hard as she can. She turns with a flip of her hair, and stalks out of the car. John watches her go, smiles, and laughs.
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