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Hey, Smallville peeps, rec me a mini-marathon! - I worship at the television altar
Hey, Smallville peeps, rec me a mini-marathon!
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silverscreengal From: silverscreengal Date: August 26th, 2009 03:53 am (UTC) (Link)
Gahh!! I love my Smallville!! And you make it so much fun!!

hmmm...let me see...

I had 2 inspirations when I was reading all the wonderful posts. One, was eps with special effects since Tom seems to love to do the physical work in the show. Pilot, Tempest/Vortex, Perry, Crusade, Hidden, Season 9 promos ;).

Secondly, my favorite way to see Clark is when he is a hero even when he doesn't have the superpowers or needs to be but just IS. Mortal, Leech and Asylum.

Whenever I think I have written off a season or group of eps, I watch them again and see something I love in them. Just recently it was season 6.

I listen to them a lot without watching. I will be painting or doing another chore and just hear the words. Sometimes I like them less and sometimes more.

Has anyone suggested season finales/premieres??

This is totally shallow, but I enjoy the romantics themes best, because I love to see Tom making out. There. I said it. :)

When are you going to have this marathon and can I get in on the fun????

19 comments or Leave a comment