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I worship at the television altar
Hey, Smallville peeps, rec me a mini-marathon!
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From: kissme_myfool Date: August 25th, 2009 04:28 am (UTC) (Link)
I want to play :D

1) ...your favorite episodes from any one season.

S1: Obscura, Crush and Tempest
s5: Arrival through Lexmas

2) ...the episodes that best showcase your favorite actor or character.

Pilot, Hothead, Obscura, Crush, Tempest, Fever, Rush, Delete, Truth, Covenant, Devoted, Transference, Jinx, Spell, Spirit, Blank, Commencement, Arrival, Mortal, Hidden, Thirst!, Splinter, Lexmas, Vessel, Labyrinth, Freak, Progeny, Cure, Traveler, Prey, Abyss, Bride, Legion, Eternal, Beast.

Episodes in which I enjoyed Chloe being kick ass or AM's amazing acting skillz ;)

3) ...the episodes that perfectly capture a relationship you love, romantic or otherwise.

Crush, Obscura, Tempedst, arrival, blank, abyss, legion, commencement, VESSEL!

Romance and mutual admiration/trust/loyalty.

4) ...a single disc you especially like from any one set of DVDs.
S5..disc 1 :D

5) ...the episodes you just love the best, for whatever reason, from the entire series.

Pilot, Delete, Truth, Thirst :)

6) ...the episodes with your favorite guest characters from the DC Universe.
not impressed yet :/ Maybe Run with cute little Flashy :D

7) ...the episodes with the best villains, or the best FotWs.
Zex episodes, I guess.

8) ...the episodes that always make you laugh, or the ones that always make you cry.

Laugh: Spell and Devoted :D
Cry: Reckoning, Vengeance, Progeny

9) ...the episodes with wonderful guest stars, in big or small roles.
Progeny! Wonder Woman, doesn't get better than that in my book :)

10) ...a group of your favorite episodes with any other theme of your choice! Like, for example, Metropolis, Clark's powers, football, the FoS, Shirtless!Clark, season premieres, season finales, AUs, kryptonite, Wet!Clark, kids, aliens, weddings, funerals, or Pretty!Tom.

Anything heavy on Chloe being kick ass and that is listed above in Question #2
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