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I worship at the television altar
Hey, Smallville peeps, rec me a mini-marathon!
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tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: August 24th, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
2) I always like Clark best in the episodes that Tom directs. He's warmer, funnier, and just more comfortable in his own skin. And Fragile was such a special episode. The chemistry between Clark and Maddie was off the charts.

Labyrinth blew me away, of course. And not only was it probably the best acting Tom has ever given us on the show, he looked unbelievably beautiful.

3) I love that scene between Clark and Martha. Perfectly written, acted, and filmed.

I like how those scenes in Siren and Arctic are two sides of the same coin. And for each of them, it's their own heartache that makes them uniquely qualified to comfort the other.

5) Agreed, on all of them!

6) Bloodline was amazing. It really showed how far this show had come in S8. Right before it got derailed by the Lana arc, that is. :/

Why don't they use J'onn more? Such a great character, and you couldn't ask for a better actor to play him! Every moment he's onscreen is a delight.

7) The thing I liked about Dawn was the way everyone had a turn playing her. It must have been fun for the actors to do that, to give her their own twist, and yet still stay true to the inner shrew. :D

Erica was awesome as Faora. She was positively chilling in her scene with Tess, and uber creepy with Davis.

8) Spirit is hilarious. My favorite part will always be the scene between Clark and Dawn-as-Martha. :) Although Clark's "The crown's mine, bitch," is a close second. Committed makes me laugh every time I watch it. And Hex is another funny one. I adore Bryan Q. Miller. I even bought Batgirl #1!

9) Maddie was so good! I have to believe Tom's direction had a lot to do with that. And Michael Eklund! He stole every scene he was in!

Thanks so much for sharing all these great choices. I agree with you on everything. No wonder we're friends! :)
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