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Hey, Smallville peeps, rec me a mini-marathon!

Lately my Smallville DVDs have been getting quite a workout. I have all the seasons, of course, and every week I find myself pulling out this disc or that one, and watching a favorite episode or two. Or three, or four. :) Especially during the summer, when often there's nothing new on TV. Smallville is a show I can watch over and over again, and enjoy every time. The S8 DVD set hits stores tomorrow, and I'll be there bright and early to add it to my collection.

Lots of times I'll put together a little mini-marathon to watch, of episodes with a common theme. You can play three episodes in a little more than two hours, and four in just under three. Does anyone else do that, spend an evening watching all the episodes Tom directed, or every one in which Clark loses his powers? I thought it might be fun for us to rec each other our favorite Smallville playlists, our own little mix tapes of episodes we love, as it were.

I figured I could throw out some prompts for possible inspiration, and then you guys could share your list(s) in the comments, okay? So tell me, fellow Smallville fans...

1) ...your favorite episodes from any one season.

2) ...the episodes that best showcase your favorite actor or character.

3) ...the episodes that perfectly capture a relationship you love, romantic or otherwise.

4) ...a single disc you especially like from any one set of DVDs.

5) ...the episodes you just love the best, for whatever reason, from the entire series.

6) ...the episodes with your favorite guest characters from the DC Universe.

7) ...the episodes with the best villains, or the best FotWs.

8) ...the episodes that always make you laugh, or the ones that always make you cry.

9) ...the episodes with wonderful guest stars, in big or small roles.

10) ...a group of your favorite episodes with any other theme of your choice! Like, for example, Metropolis, Clark's powers, football, the FoS, Shirtless!Clark, season premieres, season finales, AUs, kryptonite, Wet!Clark, kids, aliens, weddings, funerals, or Pretty!Tom. :)

I'll start things off with just a few of my faves:

A) On Saturday I watched a Red!K mini-marathon. I love seeing Tom stretch his acting wings by playing Clark without any inhibitions, and we get a fascinating glimpse of who our hero could be if his impulses weren't tempered by the values Jonathan and Martha have instilled in him. Plus, Clark half naked, making out!

1) 2.04 - Red

2) 2.14 - Rush

3) 3.01 - Exile

4) 4.11 - Unsafe

5) 6.13 - Crimson

B) I love Disc 1 of S5, the Clana arc I DO like. Clark is heroic, both with and without his powers, Lana is fun, Lex is deliciously secretive, Chloe is awesome, and Lois is spunky and strong. The emotions run the gamut, from happy to heartbreaking, and we see big stunts, passionate love scenes, suspenseful action, and plenty of eye candy. It's a great start to a great season.

1) 5.01 - Arrival

2) 5.02 - Mortal

3) 5.03 - Hidden

4) 5.04 - Aqua

C) Episodes where Clark discovers a new power have always been favorites of mine. It's exciting to see a new ability manifest itself, and to find out how Clark will react and adjust to the chaos that usually follows.

1) 1.01 - Pilot

2) 1.04 - X-Ray

3) 2.02 - Heat

4) 3.10 - Whisper

5) 4.01 - Crusade

6) 6.02 - Sneeze

Now it's your turn. Give us your playlists, anything from two episodes to, oh, let's say eight. Share your favorite escapes into Smallville, the show that sometimes captivates, sometimes infuriates, but always manages to keep us coming back for more.

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell, with my thanks!
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