tariel22 (tariel22) wrote,

Vid rec: talitha78 does Clark Kent!

I know that most of you on my flist are also friends with talitha78, and will have already seen THIS, but if not, go now and watch her latest vid, "That's Not My Name." It's all about Clark, and it is AMAZING!

It will probably take me days to form a proper response to this vid, but let me just say that it celebrates both Clark Kent and Tom Welling, it encompasses all eight seasons of Smallville, and it is a masterpiece of the art of vidding. It will take your breath away.

She has it posted on YouTube, but I encourage you to download it so you can see it in all its big, beautiful glory. And don't forget to leave her feedback and tell her how awesome she is!
Tags: clark kent, smallville, tom welling, vid rec
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