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Supernatural 3.06 - Red Sky At Morning

I loved this episode, because the big bad this week was near and dear to my heart. I have a special fascination for the sea and all lore connected with it: mermaids, selkies, pirates, haunted lighthouses, and quaint fishing villages. The Fog is my favorite horror movie (the original for the story, the remake for the pretty). So the first glimpse of the ghost ship made me bounce in delight.

Right off, let me say that I like Bela. I think she's fun, I love the way she drives the boys crazy, and I'm fascinated with her little charms and artifacts. I look forward to finding out more about her. I also hate her with a passion, and want to smack her most of the time, but I think that's what they're going for here. So far Bela's been played for laughs, and this episode in particular was pretty silly at times, but that's fine with me. Jared and Jensen seem to have fun with the comic bits, and I think they're entertaining to watch. I don't need every episode drenched in emo angst, thank you very much.

The funny bits I loved? Dean hyperventilating when the Impala wasn't where he left it. Dean wanting to shoot Bela, and Sam telling him, "Not in public." Dean's reaction when Bela suggests they should have angry sex. Sam pointing out that Bela fooled him, not them. hee! Not so much? Gert pawing Sammy all night. Ewww.

I thought the ghost story was well done, and scary. I liked how they all found out different parts of the story, then put it all together to figure out a way out. The special effects were especially cool. The torrents of water pouring out of the second brother's mouth totally freaked me out! The little interlude where they stole the Hand of Glory, with the tuxes and the smooth music, was like a cute little homage to Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief. And I especially liked how this silly episode took a sharp turn towards the serious once Bela caught sight of the ghost ship herself. There was nothing funny about the boys confronting Bela about her hidden sins, or the final showdown with the spirit in the cemetery.

Oddly enough, the tuxes didn't do much for me. Jared in a suit or sport coat, however, makes me melt, and we've had that in four out of the last five episodes. Yum. Jensen I love best in Dean's usual garb: jeans, leather jacket, and those awful boots. He just looks so right that way.

I loved how Sam cited Great Expectations, and Dean had no idea what he was talking about. Sam knows books, and Dean knows movies.

Once again the show bookended the monster story with intense mythology scenes, and to great effect. It's getting so I brace myself every time they show the boys in the car, because I know something heavy is going down. At the top of the show, Dean confronts Sam about using the Colt on the Crossroads Demon, and Sam is completely defiant and unapologetic in the face of Dean's Daddy trip. I honestly thought JDM was back for a minute there! The remark about the incredibly evil cans was all Dean, though. hee!

Even in the middle of the show, the car talk broke my heart, when Sam said that lately he felt like he couldn't save anyone. Oh, Sammy.

Then, at the end, I was 100% with Sam. I wanted to smack Dean upside the head! He's such a dope sometimes. And then he just shuts down. I'm sorry, but he's kind of being an ass.

On a final note, sometimes I really wish this show were on cable. During these fights between the boys, when they're throwing around words like friggin' and crap and screw, I just think the scene would be way more effective if they could say what they really mean. Or at least film it twice, and put the unexpurgated version on the DVD. Sales would go up, I swear! :)
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