tariel22 (tariel22) wrote,

Tom wins a Teen Choice Award!

OMG, Tom won a Teen Choice Award! How awesome is that?! According to the AP, he won in the category of Choice TV Actor: Action/Adventure. Congratulations, Tom!

The show was taped tonight and will broadcast tomorrow, Monday, August 10, 2009, at 8PM on FOX. I don't think Tom was there (someone on Twitter said they saw him in a grocery store in Vancouver today), but maybe there will be a taped acceptance speech?

I hope no one considers this a spoiler for the broadcast, but news of the winners is already all over the internet, so I figured it was okay to forego putting it behind a cut. Besides, I wanted to get the word out to everyone so they can watch!

YAY TOM!! \o/

A list of all the winners can be found HERE.
Tags: smallville, tca, tom welling
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