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The Vampire Diaries Promo Pic

Have you guys seen this? It's the latest promo image for The Vampire Diaries, and it's being used on advertising for the show with the tag line of "Love Sucks."

I've been prepared to hate this show on principle because it's taking Smallville's Thursday night time slot, and nothing about the clips I've seen has changed my mind so far, but I am planning to check it out. I like Paul Wesley, and I'm a little curious to see what Ian Somerhalder is going to do with this role. I'm guessing chew a lot of scenery, but we'll see. ;)

Anyway, I just have to say, that is one HOT image. It makes me wonder about the whole marketing philosophy of the CW, and, for that matter, how they decide what shows to put on in the first place. Dawn Ostroff has repeatedly said her target demographic is young women 18-34, and judging by the new shows that have been added to the CW in the last couple of years, she thinks that group is interested in sex, drinking, drugs, sex, hot, young, impossibly thin women, fashion, sex, and hot, young, metrosexual men. Oh, and revisiting nighttime soaps they watched for titillation as tweens, with a side order of vampires for the Twilight crowd. VD (*snerk*) looks to be the ultimate bad boy fantasy come to life. Of course I believe in television as an escape, but does it seem to anyone else that Dawn is underestimating her target? Which, BTW, doesn't include me. :)

Back in the day, the WB was my favorite channel. Over the years I watched Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls, a little Dawson's Creek, a little OTH, Smallville, and Supernatural. On UPN I also watched Buffy, after it moved, and Veronica Mars. Obviously I wasn't looking for a heavy dose of reality when I collapsed on the couch after working all day, but IMO the current GG, Gossip Girl, contains none of the wit, intelligence, sparkle, or heart of my original GG, Gilmore Girls. I watch Gossip Girl, and am entertained by it, but I don't think I could ever fall in love with it, and sometimes I feel insulted by its ridiculous storylines and simplistic, stereotypical characterizations. On some level, I think Dawn's approach to programming contains a hint of self-loathing toward her own gender. I just don't know how else to reconcile what she seems to think of the women she claims to be wooing.

And another thing, doesn't this image seem outrageously provocative? It screams three-way to me, and these vamps are brothers, which makes it incestuous as well as slashy! :) The J2 tin hatters must be steeped in envy if they've seen this! ;) Seriously, though, where is the Sam and Dean version? And just think of the Smallville possibilities! Where was this concept when they were trying to sell us on the Clexana? I think Clark, Chloe, and Lex would have been fun back in S3. Or how about Clark, Lois, and Oliver in S6? They love to dish up the triangles, why not make them truly interesting? :D Okay, obviously I'm just kidding here, although looking at this did make me fantasize again about all the grownup movie roles I'd like to see Tom Welling play someday. The point I'm trying to make is, while I do think this image is gorgeous and sexy, it leaves me unsettled, and wondering what exactly the CW is up to.
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