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Smallville Spoilers from Entertainment Weekly

From The Ausiello Files in the August 14, 2009 issue of Entertainment Weekly:

Smallville lightens up

Smallville producers are backing down from earlier claims that the coming season would be one of the show's darkest yet. "We might've misled people a little bit with that," confesses co-showrunner Brian Peterson. "Clark starts the season in a very gloomy place, but the season itself won't be dark." Case in point: In episode 3, Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) are "in the trenches fighting zombies," says Peterson. "And when they catch their breath from fighting, [romantic] sparks will fly."

Click on the thumbnail (twice for BIGGER) to see a scan of the page, but be aware that you will also see spoilers for TBBT, HIMYM, NCIS, and True Blood.

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