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E!Online Live Feed of Smallville Panel at Comic-Con!

Pic credit to devidarkwolf on Twitter.

Okay, for anyone who might have missed it, here is the E!Online live feed of the Smallville panel at Comic-Con this morning (I've also posted the Newsarama live feed HERE). In attendance were the entire cast, including Tom Welling himself, and the producers. Some spoilers!

This one started at the bottom and moved up, so scroll all the way to the end of this entry to start reading.

11:31 End of the Smallville panel. I'm heading to the press room now to interview the cast. Stay tuned!

11:31 Kelly says, "this is the hardest working cast you have ever seen." By the looks of the preview for next season, it seems so!

11:30 Q: More Justice League episodes? Brian says they're going to do their best

11:30 Chloe and Clark's friendship now? "They have a little bit of a rocky start," so tune in, says Kelly.

11:29 Brian says they are thinking of doing a Green Arrow sidekick story as we speak.

11:28 Brian: "Just as Clark falls for Lois, she's falling for someone else." (Superman, perhaps?)

11:28 Tom avoids Q about which female he likes working with best.

11:28 "Metropolis" is a rumor at this point, the show is not changing names.

11:27 Q: Is there a chance for love for Clark and Chloe? Allison says that's "dead in the water" and Clark is a little occupied with other women. Chloe will be dealing with the loss of Jimmy and stepping into more of a powerful position, so she won't have time for a love interest. "Chloe and Oliver?" Justin wants it!

11:26 Q: Will there be a Smallville movie? They didn't answer. (Hmm, curious that they kept mum).

11:26 Q: What does Tom hope to accomplish tihs season? "I hope to close the gap between production and on set shooting." He wants to increase communication.

11:25 Man dressed as Superman asks about the new suit Clark wears this season, and mentions that spandex is comfy. Says Kelly: This show is about the origins. They know there is a long arc to become really who Superman becomes. It's a bumpy road. he's not going straight to a tailor and figure it out the first time, hence the all black suit.

11:23 Justin says Jimmy is dead. Kelly loves Aaron Ashmore and says he was a great actor, but the show has been trying to line of with the mythology. However, it's Smallville "and strange days happen," so we never know. (But don't hold your breath).

11:22 "There's a certain level of intensity that I need" says Callum of getting into the character of Zod. He jokes he listens toe heavy metal and punches himself in the face.

11:21 Says Allison, she likes to know there's more of a story than just a boy on the farm.

11:17 Justin says we will be seeing a lot more of the Green Arrow this season. "Last year I had a chance to play hime broken down a little bit," but they jumped out of it and he figured out his problem. We find out this year that Ollie is struggling and that will go on for a while. Brian says in the first eight episodes you "will see him hit rock bottom."

11:16 Q: What new characters from the DC universe this year? Metallo for the first two episodes, return Toyman and Roulette, says Brian.

11:16 Kelly says they actually had two different episodes for the season eight finale because they weren't sure if they would end the show last year. They do have a series finale planned if season nine is the last, but that can change if they are picked up. Brian says they're not worried about "stalling."

11:14 Jeph asks if we want to see a season ten. Haven't heard a crowd this loud at all of Comic-Con

11:13 Tom says he really enjoys the visual effects and stunts on the show. Moving over to the directing side has also been exciting.

11:12 Q: Will we see Wonder Woman on Smallville? Erica says, "Maybe Lois will dress up as Wonder Woman."

11:11 Geoff Johns just came up to the panel. Geoff says he's writing another episode. He wrote "Legion." This year will be "Justice Society of America." He gets Callum to say "Kneel before Zod." For everything he's heard about this season, Geoff says, "It's going to kickass."

11:10 Q: Any chance of a Smallville soundtrack release? They haven't thought about it. They'll pitch it soon.

11:08 Q: When is Clark going to fly? Brian says tune in to the season premiere because they address it then.

11:06 Allison says Tom is her favorite director. He's very supportive and gets very excited on set. Brian tells us Allison will be directing this season as well.

11:05 Tom Welling will be directing two episodes this season.

11:04 Q: Is Lex really dead? Brian says we know from mythos that Lex is "absolutely not dead."

11:04 Callum says how he came to be on the show: He had just moved back to London and didn't know it was Zod he was auditioning for. It was a character named Mason.

11:02 For Chloe, they originally wanted a different ethnicity, but they switched gears once they saw Allison.

11:01 Tom Welling almost wasn't on Smallville. They weren't showing the script at first, so he says it took a while for him to be convinced to audition. As soon as he saw the script, sans cape and tights, he was all for it. He's happy that he went through with it.

10:59 Kelly says you will be seeing more of Erica this season. 18 episodes in total.

10:58 A man dressed as Batman asking question at panel "When am I going to be on the show?" Tom Welling gives him his nameplate after signing it. No answer to teh question though.

10:56 Kelly thanks the fans for getting a season nine. (6,000 people are here) They are gunning for season ten.

10:55 Callum loves playing an evil character. The fans love his accent, which Callum says it's an act and he's really from Texas.

10:55 Cassidy on Tess: "It's been amazing to be apart of the show."

10:54 Allison on Watchtower: "I loev being in control, it's awesome." She gets to tell the supes what to do, not a bad job.

10:54 Erica on Lois and Clark: "I think you guys are going to be pretty excited this year. lois is dealing with being smitten with Superman and still finds Clark irritating." This season is going to be "spicy"

10:53 Tom says he's taking a bigger part in production this season.

10:50 Justin Hartley, Erica Durance, Allison Mack, Cassidy Freeman, Callum Blue, Tom Welling, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson all on the panel

10:48 That love scene between Clark and Lois was very hot and steamy.

10:47 The writers of Smallville are all in the audience.

10:47 Jeph Loeb moderating the Smallville panel. Even he is "shaking" from seeing the preview of season nine.

10:45 Zod returns: "Kneel before Zod!" Callum shown fighting with Tess. Lois is fighting in the future. Chloe with the gun. Oliver and Lois seem to be getting closer. Brian Austin Green looks freaky. Love scene between Lois and Clark. Showing a version of Clark in the future. Was that Lex on screen? Clark in a black cape with the S on his chest.

10:43 Sneak peek: Montage of Clark turning into the red/blue blur and his path to becoming a hero. "And he is not alone" Justice League is there with him! Aquaman, Black Canary, Impulse, Cyborg, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, Supergirl and Green Arrow, plus the Legion. Don't forget Watch tower.

10:41 Sneak peek at season nine: "The world's greatest hero has risen" with the Superman logo on screen.

10:40 Smallville, as you know, will be moving to Friday nights on the CW.

10:35 Smallville is running late. Will start live blogging as soon as the cast gets out here.
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