tariel22 (tariel22) wrote,

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to tasabian!!

Tas, you are one of my very favorite LJ friends. You are the most positive person I know in the Smallville fandom, and your warm heart and generous spirit are an inspiration to me. I love all the scoop you share with us, your incomparable picspams, your glorious fic, your imagination, your sense of humor, and most of all, the gift of your friendship. *big birthday hugs*

Because Michael has chosen to mark your special day by throwing out the first pitch at today's NY Mets home game against the LA Dodgers, for your birthday I give you a little picspam of Rosey's own exploits on the baseball diamond, at the annual Hollywood Stars softball game. I hope you like it!

And when the game is over, you know Michael will be ready to party down and celebrate your birthday in style! Have a good one, babe!

Pics courtesy of dawnybee, the birthday girl herself, ExpoSay, Getty Images, HollywoodUpClose, MichaelRosenbaum.com, Starpulse, and WireImage, with my thanks!
Tags: birthday, flist, michael rosenbaum, picspam
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