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Justin Hartley & Phil Morris at Superman Celebration 2009!

The 31st Annual Superman Celebration was held last weekend in Metropolis, IL, and Smallville was represented at the event by Justin Hartley and Phil Morris. The other celebrity guests were Noel Neill and Beverly Washburn. A number of videos have turned up on YouTube, and I thought I'd share the best of them here. Enjoy!

First we have complete coverage in five parts of a news conference that was held for media representatives. All the questions and answers are interesting and well worth watching, but I've listed a few highlights under each part. Justin is charming and funny throughout (and check out his ARMS!), and Phil Morris is just a treat!

4:49 - Phil talks about growing up in Beverly Hills.
6:22 - Justin talks about learning how to shoot a bow and arrow.

0:22 - Justin talks about how he first found out that Smallville wanted him to join the show.
2:42 - Phil talks about his comic book collection.
6:32 - Phil talks about Bulletproof, and MM without his powers.
8:22 - Justin talks about the research he did to prepare for the role of Green Arrow (continued in Part 3).

0:01 - Justin continued.
6:11 - Phil talks about how he developed the role of Jackie Chiles for Seinfeld.

0:11 - Justin expresses an interest in directing and writing.
1:45 - Phil explains why he hasn't ever played a prank on the Smallville set.
6:18 - Justin talks about the possibility that S9 will be the last.
7:58 - Justin describes his shooting schedule on Smallville.

1:46 - Phil talks about his Con experiences.

There was also a Q & A held for the public, and there are a couple of great videos of that. I'm hoping more will be posted so we can see the entire session, but in the meantime these two are wonderful!

0:01 - A little boy asks Justin if he likes Lois Lane in RL. :)
0:50 - Will there be a GA spin-off after S9 of Smallville?
2:38 - Did Phil always want to follow in his father's footsteps?
4:02 - Can Justin shoot a bow and arrow in RL?
5:04 - What is Justin's favorite part about being GA?
7:16 - What was it like for Phil to act in the original Star Trek?

0:01 - Who are Phil's and Justin's favorite superheroes?
2:04 - Who has Justin enjoyed playing more, Aquaman or Green Arrow?
2:44 - Which is easier for Justin, an episode where his part is small, or one where he is featured?
4:18 - Does Justin miss acting with Michael Rosenbaum?
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