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My squee over Tom and Michael's happy reunion.

I'm still riding the high of seeing the vid that captured Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum's reunion at last week's Lakers game. Even now I'm clicking over to YouTube to watch it one more time. :) When Michael tweeted that this chance encounter was the first time he and Tom had seen each other since he left the show more than a year ago, I was sad, thinking they had drifted irretrievably apart. But seeing the joy of their reunion, that glorious hug, convinced me more than ever that these two are friends for life. And for some reason, that just makes me incredibly happy.

Even after countless viewings, it's the anticipation of the moment that gets me every time. Watching Michael enter the frame, wasting no time as he moves toward Tom, and then seeing Tom point in jubilation, and rise, making his way over people to meet him, just makes my heart swell. And then that hug, that amazing tackle pounce of an embrace, is everything a fangirl could hope for and more. The usually reticent (in public, anyway) Mr. Welling pretty much jumps Michael, and wraps him in a gigantic bear hug. *happy sigh* Oh, boys.

One of the best things about the guys running into each other at the game is that, because of Twitter, I heard about it first from Michael himself! Yes, Twitter is a bit ridiculous, and decidedly self-indulgent, but stuff like this also makes it awesome.

I feel so fortunate that this moment was inadvertently caught on film, playing out wonderfully, albeit small and fuzzy, in the background behind the basketball game. It's nothing short of a treasure to me. And I will be eternally grateful to the diligent fangirl (or boy) who searched every frame of who knows how many clips to find it for us! If there's anyone on my flist who hasn't seen it yet, and wants to, or who just wants to see it again, here it is.

First, some helpful hints and a visual aide. :)

1) Let the video load and then advance it to 1:40.
2) At 1:50 you can see Michael enter the frame from the far right, walking behind the front row of spectators, followed by three other guys.
3) A few seconds later you see Tom point. He's on the far left, under the net, wearing a baseball cap and a white shirt. He then rises, unmistakably ginormous, and moves to meet Michael.
4) THE HUG!!!

To help you spot them, here's where to look:

Thanks to canadabear, who saw the vid on DTTW and reposted it to justtomwelling, where I first saw it. There are caps, too!

Thanks to JayPat on DTTW for the caps, and to christina_kat for the heads up about them.

Maybe it seems like I'm making way too much of this, but I don't care; it's just how I feel, and I know I'm not the only one. In celebration of Tom and Michael's all too brief but oh so sweet reunion, here's a little picspam of the boys together. Feel free to share your pics of them in the comments!

Thanks to tasabian for many of these pics, and to SmallvilleDedication for the Backstage Special screen caps!

And if you need any further convincing to follow Michael on Twitter, here is his latest tweet, from just a few hours ago. I love how he doesn't leave any spaces between his sentences, so he can say just a little bit more! :)

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