tariel22 (tariel22) wrote,

New Tommy pics!

Just in case you haven't seen them yet, click for BIGGER!

Tom arriving at the Lakers game last night, where he bumped into Michael, who tweeted about it! :) Doesn't he look amazing? And he's wearing The Hat! Many thanks to dawnybee for the pics!

ETA: I found a pic of Michael arriving for the same game. We can at least imagine what they looked like at their reunion. :) Click for BIGGER!

ETA2: More pics! Thanks to christina_kat, dawnybee, and iliana_1 for the finds! Click on the thumbnails for full-size versions. And I have to say, thank goodness Tom sat next to Kanye West at the game. Otherwise we might not have any pics of him courtside at all! :)

ETA3: Even more pics! These HQ beauties are courtesy of OSCK and TWU, with my thanks! Click on the thumbnails for BIGGER!

Tags: lakers, michael rosenbaum, picspam, tom welling
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