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Smallville 8.21 - Injustice - I worship at the television altar
Smallville 8.21 - Injustice
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tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: May 17th, 2009 09:15 am (UTC) (Link)
I usually end up watching the episode three or four times before I write my review, so the first time I focus more on the visuals than the details. And watching Tom on my big HDTV is simply breathtaking. I honestly think the caps never do him justice.

That scene with Clark and Oliver gave me pause, too. I do think the boys will find their way back to each other, but it seemed like there was a glaring double standard at work there. Both Oliver and Chloe made serious mistakes, but Oliver was condemned for his, while Chloe was given a free pass. That didn't feel right to me. What Oliver did may have been worse on the face of it, but ultimately I think he's more redeemable. At least he's straightforward about his motives for doing what he did.
20 comments or Leave a comment