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Chuck 1.07 - Chuck Versus the Alma Mater

RL is kind of killing me at the moment. I finally had a chance to watch Chuck late tonight. Each week I think I couldn't love this show more, but then they give me another episode made of awesome, and I do.

For the record, I hate Stanford. Sorry, I have to. I went to Cal. Although I will love them forever for beating USC this year. That was one sweet football game! We play USC this weekend. Go Bears!

I think I loved every moment of this episode. Do you know that there are people who actually don't like this show? Man, I don't get that at all. Anyway, Chuck was adorable this week, so vulnerable and insecure, even wistful, but then smart and effective when the spy action kicked in. I never thought Bryce was bad, I figured he had his reasons for everything, but I'm glad both Chuck and Sarah got some closure on that issue. Those last few scenes were heartbreaking!

Casey rocked even more than usual in this one. He had so many great lines and looks, and I especially enjoyed all his exchanges with Chuck. "Who you rooting for, death?" hee!

The whole herd storyline was fun. I like that we're getting to know this cast of characters better, and I think it's cool how their trials and tribulations are completely independent from the spy part of the show. I loved their little television game, and of course most of the shows they referenced are on my faves list.

There were many comic gems scattered throughout this episode. I won't recount them here, but I will say that this is one of the reasons I love this show. Sometimes the smallest throwaway line is the one that makes me laugh the most. It's like they have sooo much good material, they can afford to spread it around.

And finally, a huge squee for next week's guest star! I can't wait!!
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