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Smallville, why do you hate the character I love? - I worship at the television altar — LiveJournal
Smallville, why do you hate the character I love?
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ladydreamer From: ladydreamer Date: April 30th, 2009 12:24 am (UTC) (Link)
You know, I don't mind Clark having guilt angst from time to time, because to get a really super hero, I'd like for him to learn occasionally, and maybe some guilt is a part of that. But they never damn well have him LEARN from the things that he should be learning about. Instead he gets random guilt trips about things he couldn't have possibly controlled, so it's ALL CLARK'S FAULT OMG that the meteor shower occurred, and Lana's parents are dead, or that Lana married Lex (?) and Clark didn't listen to her complain about her marriage enough, or that Doomsday who is designed to doom out and kill him.... dooms out. It's absolutely ridiculous. Where's the lesson to not to mindwipe your bff, or that racial profiling is bad, mkay? Or that, no, Virginia, murder because of Lana is just as bad as other murders? But they'll wash over these points, the important stuff that should shape Clark into the man who is a hero not because of his powers but because of his moral compass and immense compassion, and guilt him over things that are STUPID. Why not have him realize that it's all his fault that cancer exists?

And I don't think that, given the chance, anything that I just brought up would be something that Clark COULDN'T learn from. It flips me out. And I feel like this Doomsday thing is going to be: "It's all Clark's fault that bad things happened because he wouldn't kill Doomsday!" Which is 1) Contradictory because they've had Clark kill in self defense before and all to eager to kill for Lana (which they never should have done, mind) and 2) Makes the moral of the story: Murder when you can. It saves lives.

Can't Superman have his no kill policy? It worked pretty well for Chloiac. No wonder the Legion is so bloodthirsty. Clark learns this season, that killing is GOOD, especially if you think you have the moral high ground. I think that you're right that this learning doesn't have to be a dark mess. It shouldn't. Superman is the one who had the good childhood, who had the good values instilled from an early age. It really frustrates me that they won't let Clark be... Clark. They won't let him be inspiring.

My favorite characters are Lex and then Chloe, so when I watch, it's just one hit after the other. They never let up. Chloe, god help her, gets saddled to the whiniest, neediest jerkwad and she never gets to call him on cheating and rarely gets to call him on anything else, but time after time, he dumps her (three times now), and then she has to take abuse for it. I don't mind that she's Watchtower, really, but that they have to kick her around for so long before letting her have a different ambition?

For Lex, it's just a never ending slog of pain and blame. Then he goes absolutely bonkers (which is really painful to watch), but they don't bother to show us all the interesting things or Lex's journey through breaking himself on the goal of trying to defend the world from an alien race he doesn't know is pretty much extinct. His plots in s7 were random or crammed into the last five minutes (why would MR stay for that?). Now when they bring him back he's this cartoonish villain, instead of the other half of this story where Clark Kent and Lex Luthor grow up together to become whoever they will become.

I'd mention Lois, but I'm sure I get no cred for being her fan S4-6. Suffice it to say, I share your frustration on those points. I wish the writers had some semblance of an idea of how to build a character up or create dramatic tension without doing the horrible things they do. It's not edgy. It's tiresome. They do it to all the characters now. The show is driven mostly by the plot of the week, and no internal coherence of character. Sigh.

I'll knock on wood for Clark. Who wants to have another season about supermoping? It'll be like S6, darkly lit, overbearing music, Clark sitting in the barn bouncing a ball. Alone. Please, no. I just can't adequately express my frustration. I hope they choose not to do that. Lex is free (in my mind, that wasn't Lex at all, and if isn't MR, I won't be convinced otherwise), but poor Clark. Poor Chloe and Lois.
tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: April 30th, 2009 02:32 am (UTC) (Link)
I think they demonstrated their reluctance to let Clark learn and grow in the way they handled Lana's return to the show. Or perhaps what they revealed was their inability to understand the complexities of this character who captivates me so completely. They are not worthy to tell his story.

I cut this show a lot of slack, often to the point of insulting my own intelligence, because all I really ask of it is a momentary escape from the drudgeries of my life. But when I read stuff like that TVG blurb, I just want to smack someone. I think all the writers (not to mention the showrunners!) should have to pass a Superman trivia test before they're even given a shot at this show. If you don't understand the endgame, how can you possibly figure out how to get there? And they should have to love the guy. At least as much as I do!

Of course I agree with everything you say, and I appreciate your articulate response. If only the writers cared half as much as we do. But I'll join you in knocking on wood for Clark. This show has given me many happy surprises along with the aggravating ones, and I cling to the hope that they will do so again.
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