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Supernatural 3.05 - Bedtime Stories

This was a perfect episode. Just our two boys and a neat little stand alone horror story, with big angsty bookends at the top and bottom, and a few poignant reminders of the big bad along the way. Lovely!

We start in the Impala, with a big argument going on for what feels like the umpteenth time. Our boys are frustrated, they're weary, and they're not getting anywhere with each other. It sets a nice little tone for the episode, so we don't easily forget what Sam never forgets - the clock is ticking. The yelling crescendos into an uncomfortable silence, and after delivering one of those heartbreaking looks that silently speaks volumes about his hidden despair, Dean changes the subject to the monster they're currently chasing. We close the scene with a shot of Metallicar from the perspective of the road she hugs so beautifully. Awesome!

I loved the whole fairy tale theme of this episode. It gave us a nice mix of gory, creepy, and funny elements. The moment that I realized the three Baycon (hee!) brothers were the three little pigs, I couldn't stop laughing. Ditto for Sam's "I got nothing" line. This one sure threw them for a loop at first! But we shifted gears when the Hansel and Gretel story played out, with that gleefully murderous grandma, and the ubiquitous creepy little girl. Things became serious then, and even kicked into high gear later, with Little Red Riding Hood.

It was wonderful to see the boys together again, without distractions or secondary storylines, just good old fashioned hunter fu, depending on each other and getting the job done. I like Ruby and Bela just fine, and I adore Bobby, but a purely Dean and Sam episode was a treat and a half. Thank you, show! We had lots of shots of the boys walking and talking in this one: down streets, down hallways, and through the park. That was interesting, and kind of fun to watch. Especially when they were walking and talking in suits! Yum! Another great brother moment was in Cinderella's house, when they were all with the guns, and the silent communication, and the manly rescuing. Very nice.

The music for this episode was exceptional, it was creepy and whimsical all at the same time, and it set the mood perfectly. I don't often notice the score on shows, but I did on this one.

Detectives Robert Plant and Jimmy Page? ha! I guess they don't know their Zeppelin at that hospital like they did in Scarecrow country when Dean called himself John Bonham!

And no, Dean, Sam is not going to just let you go, so don't even go there! Did you see Sammy, with his throat working, and the unshed tears in his eyes? Oh, Jared, you'll be the death of me!

Once the case is solved, Sam sneaks out while Dean is sleeping and summons the Crossroads Demon, which proves extremely frustrating for him. Although I found Sandra McCoy's casting distracting, I thought she did a good job, and Jared was amazing, as usual. So it appears there is no way out of Dean's deal, and the news makes Sammy so angry he shoots the Crossroads Demon with the resurrected Colt. After which his face and our hearts both declare, oh, Sammy, what have you done? What might you become?

And nothing on Supernatural has ever been as scary as the impending writers' strike! Here's hoping for a quick resolution! While I have a very limited understanding of the entertainment business, I have to support the writers in this one. After all, where would any of our shows be without the words?
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