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Smallville: Ten Times Chloe Sullivan Was Awesome.

This is for simplytoopretty, in celebration of her birthday today. Happy Birthday! \o/ Thanks for being my LJ friend! I love that our bond transcends the fandom we share. We can completely disagree about Smallville on a weekly basis, and still have fun talking about it. :) Thank you for your thoughtful insights, your generous heart, and your wonderful fic, that first taught me what it means to hurt so good. I hope your special day is everything you hoped for, and more!

1) 1.03 - Hothead. This is the episode where we first see the depth of Chloe's love for journalism. She pursues her story in the face of every challenge, and when her life is threatened because of it, she fights back and secures her own rescue, never content to play the victim or the damsel in distress.

2) 1.18 - Drone. Clark is running for class president, but his platform doesn't have a leg to stand on. As editor of the Torch, Chloe endorses the candidate she feels is best for the school, and Clark is hurt and angry when he finds out it isn't he. Chloe likes Clark a lot, and she is devastated when he and Pete give her the cold shoulder, but nothing can shake her integrity. By the end of the episode, Clark realizes Chloe was right all along, and tells her so.

3) 1.20 - Obscura. Chloe earns a coveted internship at the Daily Planet, and wants Clark to be the first to know. He is thrilled at her news, and hugs her in celebration. Then, as she turns to leave, he finally works up the courage to ask her to be his date at the Spring Formal. She says yes, with a smile as big as the whole wide world, and makes him so happy he practically jumps for joy! Go Chloe! :)

4) 3.07 - Magnetic. Clark and Chloe are on a mission to investigate Seth, and Chloe's in charge. As they rifle through his files at the Smallville Medical Center, a doctor bursts in, and Chloe creates a diversion by grabbing Clark, throwing him up against the file cabinets, and planting one on him. She kisses him senseless and then bounces out of the file room, thoroughly amused and fully aware of her considerable sexual power. Clark can only stare after her, stunned.

5) 3.18 - Truth. Chloe is on her way to the Smallville Medical Center, and Clark is frantically trying to get Pete out of there before she arrives, afraid she will pry Clark's secret from him. Clark shoves Pete into the elevator, but guess who's already in there? As Chloe asks Pete what his big secret is, Clark freaks and so do we, but he shocks us all by passionately kissing Chloe and declaring his feelings for her! I adore that Pete's best friend is an alien from another planet, and yet his deepest, most carefully guarded secret is his undeniable love for Chloe Sullivan! That's how awesome she is.

6) 4.13 - Recruit. Chloe knows about Clark's special abilities, but he doesn't know she knows. Concerned only for Clark, she is content to keep her own counsel until he's ready to tell her his secret himself, but in this episode she's still struggling to find a way to help him without giving everything away. She keeps saying things that make Clark nervous, and we can't help but laugh because we're in on the joke.

Chloe: Hey, uh, Clark, I'm actually kind of surprised that you took the football route.
Clark: Why?
Chloe: Well, I don't know, it just seems like you have kind of an unfair advantage.
Clark: What do you mean?
Chloe: Well, you have all of these truly amazing talents, um, you know, on the field...
Clark: Well, you know, that's the way it is in sports. Some people are better than others.
Chloe: Right. I guess I just don't understand as much as I thought I did. About football.

Chloe: Okay, but then how are we gonna get the P.I.N.? They keep those things under lock and key at the dealership. What are you gonna do, break in and rip open the safe?
Clark: Of course not!

Chloe: You know, that was, um, a pretty quick errand Clark. I mean, Metro Motors is all the way on the other side of the city.
Clark: I hurried.

Chloe: Let me get this straight. You were offered a full ride with chrome wheels to play the game that you love, and you said, "Thanks, but no thanks?"
Clark: I don't know, I'm just not sure that football's my calling.
Chloe: I'm proud of you, Clark.
Clark: You're proud of me? Why?
Chloe: I just have a feeling that you're destined to do a lot more in this world than just score touchdowns.
Clark: Chloe, you've been saying a lot of weird things to me lately. What makes you think I'm destined to do anything?
Chloe: Just a hunch.

7) 5.01 - Arrival. Clark has rescued Chloe from the freezing temperatures of the Fortress, where she let slip that she knows he has superpowers. He is understandably apprehensive, but determined to tell her the rest of his secret: the truth about his alien origins. As he tentatively starts to explain, it's obvious that she accepts him completely, and only admires him more. Clark not only has nothing to worry about, he now has someone with whom he can truly be himself, and in whom he can confide. His sweet smile reflects every ounce of his happiness and relief.

8) 5.05 - Thirst. Because of her past deferential treatment from Lionel Luthor, Chloe has two strikes against her when she secures an interview with Pauline Kahn, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet. But on the strength of her reporting skills, her excellent writing, and her tenacious spirit, she convinces Kahn to give her a chance, and is hired for the job of her dreams.

9) 6.02 - Sneeze. Clark caught a cold in the Phantom Zone, and his sneezes are, well, nothing to sneeze at! But that doesn't stop him from having a little fun with Chloe, making her throw herself on top of her papers in a panic when he pretends to feel a big one coming on. Only with Chloe can Clark play a superpowered prank! :)

Later, after Chloe helps him realize that his condition has revealed a brand new ability, Clark uses his newest gift to blow the clouds from the sky so they can enjoy a sunny day by the lake. I love that, with Chloe, Clark can find a rare moment to be playful with his powers.

10) 6.10 - Hydro. When the latest murderous meteor freak goes after Chloe, she shows us she doesn't need anyone to come to her rescue. She tries to run, but when Linda Lake insists on a fight, Chloe gives it to her, inadvertently tossing her into the path of Lana's car as she fights for her life. We know Linda will be back someday, but for the moment Chloe, and Clark, are safe.

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell, Screencap Paradise, and SmallvilleDedication, with my thanks!

Happy Birthday, simplytoopretty! You rock like Chloe Sullivan! ♥
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