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I worship at the television altar
Smallville 8.17 - Hex
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jeannev From: jeannev Date: March 29th, 2009 04:01 am (UTC) (Link)
Great review Birthday Girl! (and I promise, a birthday picspam is on the agenda!).

I absolutely agree with you on Chloe's path. To me, everything we've seen over the last 2 years leads down this path. And I understand that she wanted to be a journalist since she was a child, but Chloe grew up, and changed, and has had life experiances that few people in the world will ever have. She's discovered a higher calling. I have to say, life happens.

I also don't agree that this episode was really ambigious when it came to Clark's feelings for Lois. There was a definitely a "Look". They made a big deal of it purposely. We also find out that Clark is an enthusiastic participant in the banter sessions, as well as rather happy in their DP psuedo-partnership. And he framed her rules. Notice he doesn't deny it when Chloe verbalizes that she noticed the cow eyes. Obviously, if Chloe was way off base on the Clois stuff, Clark would've spoken up.

*But* I also think what this episode showed us is that Clark isn't ready to go there. He's not ready to really face what he's feeling for Lois, and make any sort of moves about it. And that makes sense to me. He went through the ringer with Lana, over and over again. The last time, very recently. He's probably not entirely convinced that bringing a human woman into his life as a romantic partner is workable. He's also devoting his full self to his new life (which I LOVE!). I think Clark is actually making good decisions when it comes to Lois. And in turn, Lois is also handling the situation remarkably well. I think this episode was a good way to bring the feelings to light, but also to show that they need to be on hold...until next season. I think that works best, for the show, and the relationship.

Oliver is still a troubling spot on the show for me. I really want some sort of climax on his storyline. I want Clark to know what he did. I want something from Oliver. Because of this, the Chloe/Oliver scenes didn't work as well for me as for some people. JH & AM's easy chemistry aside, I'm not sure I buy these two being so buddy-buddy with each other.

And I loved the comedy gold in this episode. Tom was WONDERFUL! So funny. The 911 call had me and my sister cracking up. But even better was the roof scene. Probably one of SV's comedy highlights. Tom and Erica were perfect.

I also really appreciated the script by Bryan Miller. I'm hoping this guy stays around for S9. I think he's got a good way with a story, and a gift for dialogue.

And yes, Tom is the Prettiest in the Land! Every week, its like he's more and more beautiful. Its crazy.
tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: April 1st, 2009 09:54 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, Val! Sorry I'm so late to reply, my online time is severely limited at my sister's house.

When Chloe and Clark were talking about moving on and not getting mired in the past, I thought that was a pointed message to the fans as well. The show is growing and changing, and I, for one, couldn't be happier about it. In spite of the horror that was the Lana arc, I still appreciate how PS3 reinvented this show after AlMiles left. How many shows can do that after seven years?

I think this episode was a good way to bring the feelings to light, but also to show that they need to be on hold...until next season. I think that works best, for the show, and the relationship.

Yes, absolutely, I agree with everything you said, you explained it perfectly. And Hex set up S9 so beautifully! I think we have the promise of a developing relationship between Clark and Lois, and a new role for Chloe with Oliver and the JL. Even so, by not having Clark say one definitive word about his feelings, they leave them open to debate. It wears me out.

Uh, oh, with every other "veteran" involved in a potential arc for next season, things aren't looking good for Jimmy, are they? :(

I have to think they're setting up some kind of crisis of conscience for Oliver, what with that scene of him with the ring in Requiem, and his brooding looks at the Lex headlines in this one. But I'm wondering if that will turn out to be a S9 storyline as well.

Tom was a delight! He obviously puts so much thought into his performances, and his instincts are spot on. I wonder how the episode would have been different if he had directed it. I'm so excited to see what he brings to Injustice!

I like Bryan Q. Miller, too. I think he gets Clark right. And like with this episode, I go back to Committed and watch the scenes between Tom and Erica over and over.
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