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Smallville Spoiler from EW

My Entertainment Weekly came in the mail today, and Michael Ausiello's Spring TV Preview had this to say about Smallville:

"A long-running character bites the dust, and in possibly related news, a manhunt for Chloe (Allison Mack) and Doomsday (Sam Witwer) will dominate this season's final two episodes."

So, this has to mean they're going exactly where I've been dreading, right? We end the season with Clark dead after the big fight with Doomsday? Ugh. I think that's so stupid. As I was just saying in huzzlewhat's journal today, I don't like the whole Doomsday storyline. It worked in the comics because OMG, they killed Superman, and the whole world reeled. But Smallville's Clark Kent isn't Superman yet, no one (well, except for every regular character outside of maybe Lois, and at least half the inmates of Belle Reve) knows he's supposedly invulnerable, and if he dies, no one really cares except his friends and family. He's not yet a symbol of hope for the whole world whose loss will devastate millions. It's not the same at all, unless I'm missing something big. And we all know he's not going to stay dead, but the last thing I want to carry around with me all summer is the image of my boy, battered, bleeding, and gone forever. :(

Unless you think they're killing off Chloe for the third time? Yeah, I don't think so either. That would be equally stupid, but marginally more suspenseful, I suppose.

ETA: Well, since Ausiello now says there are two deaths, one a Smallville vet and one not so much, and that both deaths will stick, that obviously changes everything. The non-vet has to be Davis, and as for the other? They could cop out and kill someone who is no longer on the show, like Lana or Pete, but if they mean business, I think it has to be Chloe. :( Darren Swimmer flat out said Chlois was not going to happen, and I believed him. But obviously those of you who think he lied are going to anticipate this as the defining moment for the Chlois theory. I guess we'll all find out in May!
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