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Smallville: Ten Times Clark Was Super Without Being Super At All

For Celebrate Clark! week at sv_char_love, and for all the Clark lovers on my flist.

We all know that Clark Kent will be Superman one day, but what makes him a hero is so much more than his special abilities. It is his human qualities, of compassion, humility, virtue, and strength of character, gifts from his adoptive parents, that enable him to use his powers for the good of all mankind. Clark is just a good person, and a good friend. To celebrate my love for Clark Kent, I wanted to share some of the smaller moments of his life, that illustrate why, powers or no powers, he will always be my hero.

1) 1.07 - Craving. Clark has let Lana down again, missing her birthday party for reasons he can never explain. But he is determined to give her his present nonetheless. He shows up under her bedroom window, and she is powerless to resist his sweet smile. He takes her to a drive-in movie of his own making, recreating with Lex's help the happiest birthday memory of her whole life. Lana's cares slip away in the flickering light of the projector, and the only reward Clark wants or needs is to see the joy on her face.

2) 1.10 - Shimmer. Whitney has become distant, and Lana doesn't know why. Fearing she has lost his love, and feeling vulnerable, Lana suddenly notices all Clark has to offer. It's the perfect time for Clark to make his move, and yet he can't. Having discovered that Whitney's father is seriously ill, he instead fosters a reconciliation for the couple, speaking to each of them in turn and encouraging them to trust one another and talk things through. My heart breaks for Clark as he watches them through his telescope, seeing the success of his efforts, and the end of his dreams.

3) 1.12 - Leech. A freak lightning strike has transferred Clark's powers to Eric Summers, who is having a field day exercising them. Without the strong moral framework Clark's parents have given him, Eric quickly becomes corrupted by his invulnerability, and is in danger of becoming a menace. Clark feels responsible for the turn Eric's life has taken, and goes to confront him, in spite of being powerless himself. Eric, completely out of control, hurls Clark across the school parking lot, leaving him bloody and unconscious on the roof of a car. Even after that, Clark's first concern is for Eric himself, and nothing can stop him from trying to make things right.

4) 2.22 - Calling. Lex is marrying Helen Bryce, and has asked Clark to do him the honor of being his best man. Clark's first duty is to make the toast at the rehearsal dinner, and he struggles to find the words that will properly honor this union, and make his friend proud. We see him working on it well into the wee hours the night before, and then rehearsing it in the loft before he departs for the party, having dressed for the occasion with utmost care. At the dinner itself, he delivers the perfect toast, a moving tribute not only to Helen and Lex, but to love itself. And how adorable is it that he toasts the happy couple with his water glass?

5) 3.05 - Perry. Perry White has witnessed Clark's powers first hand, and they have reawakened his journalistic curiosity. Determined to prove his theory, he sets up a rescue situation he thinks Clark will be unable to resist. He's right, but what he doesn't know is that sunspot activity has temporarily robbed Clark of his abilities. Clark dives to Perry's rescue anyway, and it's a close thing, with Clark's hands bearing the proof of just how vulnerable he is. Clark's innate goodness in the face of Perry's duplicity rocks the man to his core, and inspires him to walk the path of integrity in his own life once more.

6) 3.08 - Shattered. Lex comes to Clark's loft in a panic, bloody and bruised, telling wild tales of attempted murder that do not seem to be borne out by the facts. Lionel says he has suffered a psychotic break, and when Clark sees Lex cradling a blanket as if it were his long-dead baby brother Julian, he's not sure what to think. But Lex is his best friend, and he believes in him. Determined to help Lex solve the mysteries surrounding him, Clark defies his parents and stands by Lex's side, and they leave the farm together in pursuit of answers.

7) 5.02 - Mortal. Escaped meteor freaks from Belle Reve have invaded the Kent farm, taking Clark, his parents, and Lana hostage. In what is later revealed to be an elaborate scheme of Lex's to give him proof of Clark's special abilities, the captors send Clark to the LuthorCorp plant in search of a special green serum. But Jor-El has taken his powers away, and even the combined efforts of Clark and Chloe prove fruitless in obtaining what the mutants want. Nevertheless, Clark returns to the farm with a plan, and using a combination of ingenuity, courage, and normal human strength, succeeds in saving the day. And looks totally hot doing it. :)

8) 5.12 - Reckoning. Clark and Martha prepare for Jonathan's funeral, and as Martha struggles to secure the clasp of her pearl necklace, something Jonathan has always done for her, the enormity of what she has lost rocks her. Clark's devastation is made all the worse by the unendurable burden of guilt he has placed upon himself. First Martha lends him her strength, telling him Jonathan's death was not his fault, and that she knows as a man he will make his father proud. And then Clark steps up for her, symbolically taking on his father's role in their family as he takes her pearls in his hands, and as he puts them around her neck for the first time, we know it's a promise to be there for her for all time. He tells her he loves her and holds her close, and we all weep.

9) 7.11 - Siren. Clark comes to see Lois in the aftermath of her final breakup with Oliver. Lois opens up to him like she never has before, which is a testament to just how hurt and vulnerable she is. Clark can imagine all too well the challenges she and Ollie face as a couple, and he struggles to convince her (and perhaps himself) that love can find a way. In the end, however, his words prove inadequate against her pain, and all he can offer her is the comfort of his arms. Which he does.

10) 8.10 - Bride. Chloe's getting married, and Clark offers up his home to host the event. Not even the promise of finding Lex will take him from Chloe's side on her big day, and we are reminded of their long history together as he gives her the traditional something old in the form of a sentimental memento of their high school days. As he walks her down the aisle, his smile is almost as radiant as the bride's, and there is no doubt that he is taking joy in her happiness with Jimmy. At the reception, as they share a very special dance, his warm and loving regard is unmistakable, and we know this marriage can never change the unique friendship between these two. Once she gets rid of Brainiac and gets her memories back, that is. ;)

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell, KEakaCK, Screencap Paradise, and SVFan, with my thanks!
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