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Smallville: Ten Times Chloe Saved Clark

I put this together for Celebrate Chloe! week at sv_char_love, and for all the Chloe fans on my flist.

In Abyss Clark says to Chloe, "You've been the best friend and ally I could've had, Chloe. The truth is, you've saved me more than I ever could've saved you." To celebrate the awesomeness that is Chloe Sullivan, I bring you ten times Chloe saved Superman himself, Clark Kent.

1) 4.19 - Blank. Clark has lost all his memories, and is completely vulnerable. Chloe, who keeps his secret without his knowledge, sticks to his side like glue, gently explaining what she knows of his special abilities, convincing him not to rush to reveal his powers to others, and protecting him from those who would exploit him.

2) 4.22 - Commencement. Chloe finds Clark unconscious on the floor of Lex's vault, surrounded by kryptonite and with one of the stones grasped loosely in his hand. She drags him away from the deadly green rocks, and distracts Lex while Clark super speeds away. Lex is furious that his precious stone has gone missing, and forces Chloe to go with him to the caves, demanding answers all the way. Chloe protects Clark once more by shoving Lex into the cave wall and knocking him down, giving Clark the chance to continue on his journey to the Arctic without interference.

3) 5.08 - Solitude. Chloe learns that Milton Fine is not who he claims to be, and follows Clark all the way to the Fortress of Solitude to warn him. When she gets there, she finds Clark incapacitated, with a meteor rock on his chest, while Brainiac prepares to release Zod. She quickly throws the kryptonite as far away as she can, freeing Clark to defeat his enemy.

4) 5.16 - Hypnotic. Clark is under Simone's hypnotic spell, and she has ordered him to kill Lex. Chloe stops him with a meteor rock, and Simone changes tactics, hypnotizing Lex and telling him to shoot Chloe and then himself. Chloe wrestles with Lex for the gun, which accidentally goes off, killing Simone. Everyone else is safe.

5) 5.20 - Fade. Graham overpowers Clark with a meteor rock and buries him with it outside the Talon. Unable to find Clark, Chloe thinks fast and calls his cell phone, following the sound of his ringtone to find him. She and Lois dig him out, and Chloe throws the kryptonite away.

6) 6.03 - Wither. Gloria has trapped Clark, choking and impaling him with her otherworldly vines, and he is suspended in the forest in agony. Chloe comes looking for him, Taser in hand, having figured out that electricity will kill the vines. She zaps the massive tangle surrounding Clark and sets him free.

7) 7.12 - Fracture. Lex is dying, and Clark is in danger of never escaping the labyrinth of his mind. All medical measures have failed when Chloe steps up and offers to help. For Clark's sake she uses her meteor power to heal Lex, even though it could mean her death.

8) 7.14 - Traveler. Chloe knows Kara is the only one who can rescue Clark, but first she needs her powers back. Chloe takes Kara to the Fortress, and makes an impassioned plea that we will never forget:

"Jor-El! Out of all the planets across the universe, you decided to send your only son to this one. To Earth! You trusted us to protect him! Now please, Jor-El, I need you to trust me. I love your son! He's in danger and he needs our help!"

Jor-El is convinced, Kara's powers are restored, and Clark is saved, all because of Chloe.

9) 7.19 - Quest. Clark goes to Montreal to confront the last surviving member of Veritas, and finds Edward Teague, a madman who straps him to a kryptonite-laced altar and carves up his chest in a hideous ritual. Chloe realizes the danger Clark might be in, and takes Oliver's private jet to follow him, coming to his rescue once again.

10) 8.08 - Bloodline. Clark is trapped in the Phantom Zone, and Chloe uses her enhanced brain power like never before to activate Clark's crystal and pull him, and Kara, back to Earth. It's clear that Chloe will take any risk to keep our hero safe.

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell, oxoniensis, KEakaCK, and SVFan, with my thanks!
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