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Tom Top Ten: Funny

Hey, guys, I'm back with another edition of my Tom Top Ten! This is the eighth in a series of mini picspams in celebration of Tom Welling, highlighting the wonderful performances he gives us, episode after episode. I call this one Funny.

I think we all know that Tom is a funny guy. Clark Kent, on the other hand, is pretty serious. But over the years Tom has managed to give us a lot of laughs as Clark, and often in a way that has nothing to do with the script, and everything to do with his own subtlety, nuance, and talent. And I'm making this a special Tom Top Ten x 2, because I couldn't bear to cut my choices down to fewer than twenty.

1) 3.22 - Covenant. A Smallville Clark Kent classic: the fear of boobies look! Clark opens the door to a naked Not!Kara, and recoils in shock at the sight!

2) 4.02 - Gone. It's fun to watch Clark with Lois in this episode, in the shower (fear of boobies look #2), getting caught in the bathroom together by Martha, and facing the music under Jonathan's stern gaze. When Lois further complicates matters by unknowingly revealing that Clark took out an Army chopper, he can't believe his ears.

3) 4.04 - Devoted. Under the influence of Green!K laced Gatorade, Chloe promises to do things for Clark, "things that Lana would never do." Unlike what every other male teenager on the planet would do, Clark turns her down (fear of boobies look #3).

4) 4.06 - Transference. There are so many funny moments to love from Clark-as-Lionel in this episode, from toying with Lana, to being dismissive of both Jonathan and Jason, to shamelessly checking out the magnificence of his bare chest and arms and his obviously generous "package." But my favorite scene is the one with just a hint of squick, where Clark gets so turned on by Martha he starts a fire with his out of control heat vision!

5) 4.08 - Spell. A bewitched Clark lets loose with some of the craziest dancing we've seen this side of David Boreanaz on Angel.

6) 4.18 - Spirit. Clark has many funny moments in this episode, including his teasing conversation with Chloe in the Torch office, and his hilarious "Crown's mine, bitch!" as Dawn in Clark's body. But my favorite part is Clark's range of reactions to a possessed Martha, who rails at him for not going to prom, ridicules his feelings for Lana, and accuses him of sleeping with Lois. The poor guy is understandably bewildered!

7) 5.03 - Hidden. Clark is totally busted as he tries to sneak Lana out of the house after she sleeps over in his bed. Jonathan's furious, Martha's concerned, and Clark is hilarious as he attempts to defuse the situation.

8) 5.05 - Thirst. Clark attends a costume party at Lana's sorority, and we see him in a rare moment of normalcy as he grins and flirts under the admiring gaze of a pretty girl. Tom plays it to the hilt, and makes me laugh.

9) 5.06 - Exposed. Clark goes to a strip club to solve a mystery, and is greeted by the unbelievable sight of Lois as the star of the show! In one of the funniest scenes in the history of Smallville, Clark almost dies of embarrassment as she performs, and nearly jumps out of his skin when she sits in his lap in her skimpy costume (fear of boobies look #4).

10) 6.02 - Sneeze. Clark with his first cold is funny. Clark sending Chloe diving for cover with a fake sneeze is even funnier. But the funniest scene of all is when Clark tries to look innocent while Lois grills him about where his barn door went.

11) 6.10 - Hydro. Tom directed a delightful episode with lots of smiles ("For the record, I prefer intergalactic traveler over alien from another planet."), but the scene that made me laugh the hardest was the one with Clark, Chloe, and Lois. Chloe is tormenting Clark, and he's trying to get her to stop without giving anything away to Lois. Tom's facial expressions are priceless, and the entire scene is wonderful.

12) 6.13 - Crimson. The Red!K fueled adventure is over, and Lois is drawing a blank in the memory department. She comes to Clark to find out what happened, but can't quite bring herself to ask the question that's preying on her mind. And Clark is content to let her twist in the wind, teasing her with a mischievous smile. After the intensity of Clark's confrontation with Lexana, it feels good to have a lighthearted moment.

13) 6.20 - Noir. In this episode's AU we are treated to Tom playing the classic Clark Kent, and he knocks the bumbling characterization out of the park, especially when Clark awkwardly blots the coffee he so clumsily spilled from Chloe's blouse. The scene is even funnier in retrospect, when we learn it was all an act by the suave undercover cop, and we realize he did the whole thing on purpose!

14) 7.01 - Bizarro. Bizarro's been manhandling Lois, and Clark gets the blame. The stunned look on Clark's face when Lois warns him to never touch her ass again is beyond funny.

15) 7.02 - Kara. Clark is intrigued by the new Kryptonian in town who says she's looking for Kal-El, but he has to shift gears when he finds out they're cousins. When Kara tells him their fathers were brothers, Clark stops dead and literally takes a step back as you see the wheels turning in his head. It's a small thing, but it's a trademark Tom move, and it adds the perfect touch of humor to the scene.

16) 7.05 - Action. Rachel wants to run lines for a love scene in the loft with Clark, and it's comical to watch our ginormous hero retreat in panic from her teeny tiny frame (fear of boobies look #5). Oh, Clark!

17) 7.10 - Persona. In a move that was entirely Tom's idea, Bizarro as Clark walks behind Chloe and mocks her silently as she does her patented staccato patter. It's the funniest thing I've seen on Smallville in a long time, and I can't stop laughing!

18) 8.01 - Odyssey. Clark is the Daily Planet's newest employee, and he can't wait to drop the bombshell in Lois's lap. His eyes positively sparkle as he anticipates her reaction, and we get a preview of what we can expect from Lois and Clark in S8. I like what I see!

19) 8.02 - Plastique. The first conversation between Clark and Davis is meet cute all the way as Davis mistakes Clark for Chloe's fiance. As Clark's eyes go big and he says, confused, "I'm getting married?" and then, stunned, "Chloe's engaged?" I dissolve in giggles.

20) 8.05 - Committed. This is an episode that is full of funny moments between Clark and Lois: the banter at the engagement party, the morning after at the Kent farm, and the awkward elevator ride at the DP. But my favorite scene is at the jewelry store, where Clark is intensely uncomfortable pretending to be Lois's fiance. His pain is only compounded by Oliver's entrance, and that's also when the scene gets exponentially more funny. Clark is clearly distressed by what Ollie must be thinking, and Tom plays it with just the right amount of ambiguity, so we're left not quite sure if Oliver should be jealous of Clark, or Lois. :) This scene still makes me laugh every time I see it, and Clark looks so adorably apologetic I just want to give him a big hug.

Very special thanks to acampbell for her amazing screen caps; she was my true partner in crime for this one! And thanks to Home of the Nutty for the S8 caps!

So there you have my choices for Tom's Top Ten (x 2) performances where he made us smile. Do you have a different Funny favorite? If so, tell us about it in the comments. And I'll be back before too long with another Tom Top Ten!

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