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Chuck 1.06 - Chuck Versus the Sandworm

Another outstanding episode! hee!

As usual, so much to love in this episode! Best scene ever? The O.C. shout-out! Josh Schwartz, I love you! As soon as I heard the song Dice, I started laughing and couldn't stop. I mean, the Chuck/Morgan slo-mo was funny in its own right, but if you were a fan of The O.C., it was the funniest thing ever, because it exactly recreated the famous scene between Ryan and Marissa from the episode The Countdown. Priceless. Another highlight? Chuck's reaction to Sarah's Princess Leia costume, every nerd's ultimate fantasy. Classic!

Tonight's episode was full of comic moments, but I also found it quite poignant. Chuck's new life is slowly but surely chipping away at his trust and his naivete, and I worry about how that will ultimately change him. Spies are traditionally a pretty hardened bunch, and I don't want Chuck to lose his sweetness and his vulnerability. I totally bought Lazlo's story, and was as disillusioned as Chuck when he turned out to be EVOL! The moment when Chuck realized he'd been played was heartbreaking. And I still don't know how much he can trust Casey or even Sarah. His instincts served him well tonight, leading him back to Morgan.

I liked how Chuck was on his own so much tonight. It broke the mold of him constantly being corrected and protected, and let him have his own adventure, even if that meant making a few mistakes. Zachary Levi continues to rock this role, and he played Chuck's conflicts perfectly tonight. Should he help Lazlo, whose life seems to mirror his own, or stay true to the mission in which he is just beginning to believe? Should he play the part of Morgan's semi-slacker best buddy, or the part of responsible adult? Can he strike a balance between the two, or are they mutually exclusive? Can he save the day with Lazlo without getting killed in the process? Should he open his heart to Sarah, or protect himself by keeping his feelings undercover?

Captain Awesome was, well, outstanding tonight! You have to be pretty secure to wear a costume like that! Chuck: "I don't want to see your snake." LOL! How sweet was Awesome, taking Morgan off Ellie's hands? And how completely adorable was he, giving Morgan man lessons? Those scenes were golden. Both Chuck and Morgan grew up some tonight.

I enjoyed all the Halloween costumes at Buy More, and of course they all thought Morgan's new attire was a costume too! LOL! I loved how Morgan went to bat for Chuck with the guy from HR, and I also loved how it didn't work at all. :) Best costume and best geek moment, though? The sandworm from Dune! And the ultimate gesture of friendship, letting Morgan be the front end. Oh, boys, don't ever change! :)

Next week's episode looks especially intriguing. See you then!
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