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Did you catch all of Tom Welling's recent interviews and appearances?

The usually reclusive Tom Welling did a surprising number of interviews and appearances to promote the Smallville series finale, and in this post I've attempted to make a comprehensive list of them all. I did it for the Tom fans on my flist, just in case anyone missed something along the way, and for myself, to have a little slice of Tom heaven I can revisit in the months ahead, especially if he disappears for awhile like I think he might.

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Smallville: Tom Welling directs Booster tonight!

Tonight is the very last episode of Smallville that will be directed by Tom Welling. It's called Booster, and in this post I've gathered everything you ever wanted to know about the episode and more, including links to interviews with guest star Eric Martsolf, who loves to say nice things about Tom. :)

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